Alexandra Strnad - Pilgrims
Pilgrims, Eyewear, 2018.

Alexandra Strnad - H is for Hadeda
H is for Hadeda, Poetry Salzburg, 2017.

Work published in Anthologies

Alexandra Strand poem, 'The Eyemouth Tapestry' featured in The Best New British and Irish Poets, 2018, Eyewear.
‘The Eyemouth Tapestry’, Eyewear, 2018
Alexandra Strnad - 'Chypre' and 'Longformacus' featured in Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual, 2018.
‘Chypre’ and ‘Longformacus’, Aesthetica, 2018

Alexandra Strnad - 'Sandstorm' featured in Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual, 2017.
‘Sandstorm’, Aesthetica, 2017
Alexandra Strnad - poems 'Crossroads' and 'Waiting in Lodi Gardens' featured in Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual, 2016.
‘Crossroads’ and ‘Waiting in Lodi Gardens’, Aesthetica, 2016
Alexandra Strnad - poem 'Pilgrims' featured in Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual, 2015.
‘Pilgrims’, Aesthetica, 2015

Selected Journal Publications

Alexandra Strnad - poem 'Thirsting', Oxford Poetry, WINTER 2018-2019.
‘Thirsting’, Oxford Poetry, WINTER 2018-2019
Alexandra Strnad - poem 'Effigy', Oxford Poetry, WINTER 2017-2018.
‘Effigy’, Oxford Poetry, WINTER 2017-2018
Alexandra Strnad - poems 'The Burj', 'The Empty Quarter' and 'The Ossuary', Salzburg Review, 30, 2017.
‘The Burj’ ‘The Empty Quarter’, and ‘The Ossuary’, Poetry Salzburg Review 30, 2017.
Alexandra Strnad - poems 'Vysehrad in Spring' and 'Christmas Biscuits, Wasafari, 2016.
‘Vysehrad in Spring’ and ‘Christmas Biscuits’, Wasafari, 2016.

Alexandra Strnad, poems 'August' and 'The Eyemouth Tapesty' Ambit, 223, 2016.
‘August’ and ‘The Eyemouth Tapestry’, Ambit, 223, 2016.
Alexandra Strnad - poems 'Praga Cantat' and 'Monastery', Ambit, 215, 2014.
‘Praga Cantat’ and ‘Monastery’, Ambit, 215, 2014.

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Other Selected Poetry

‘Chimera’, poem published in bath magg, Issue 13 (2020).

‘The Lammermuirs’, poem published in The Kindling, Issue Four (2017).

‘Sandstorm’, poem published in Southword Issue 32 (2017).

‘The Washing Tree’ and ‘Arcadia’ poems published in The Kindling, Issue 1 (2016). 

‘Kirstenbosch’ and ‘Sky-gardens’ poems published in Antiphon, Issue 19 (2016).

‘Cove’ poem published in The Frogmore Papers, Issue 88 (2016).

‘November’ poem published in Ink, Sweat & Tears (2016). 

‘Prayer’ poem published in Flight: An Anthology of Poetry in Response to the Refugee Crisis, Oxford Student PEN (2016).

 ‘The Camel’ and ‘Waiting in Lodi Gardens’ poems published in St. Cross ‘Four Corners’ International Poetry Prize Anthology (2015).

‘The Borders’, ‘The Luthier’, ‘Vodnik’ poems published in Blackbox Manifold (2014). 

‘Café Meduza’ and ‘Christmas Carp’ poems published in The Cadaverine (2013). 

‘Starlet’ and ‘Invisible’ poems published in ASH (2013).

‘He Shows Me Where’ poem published in The Oxonian Review (2013). 

‘Prague in Winter’, ‘Mr Sickle’s Discipline’, and ‘He Came Before After’ poems published in Ariadne’s Thread (2013).

‘The Human Note’ poem published in The Lamp (2013).

‘The Gamble’ Flash Fiction published in The International Short, Short Story Magazine (2013).

‘Lazy Vinohrady’ poem published in The Moth (2012).

‘Bohemian Summer’ poem published in Other Poetry (2012).

‘Gallery’ poem published in Mays 13 Anthology, Varsity Press (2005).

‘Sista Swan’ poem published in Varsity (2005).